Visiting a park, remembering an old favorite show theme song.

Willow had her first day of school last week. By the school is a park that we visited often last year. Usually after school pickup to burn off a little energy before dinner. One of the favorite rides of the girls is the tire swing. Their thirst for excitement requires that I push them as fast as I can. With all four girls sitting around the tire, I would push the tire as high as I possibly could and hold them hanging onto the chains in the air for a moment. Then, slowly the tire would start heading in a direction and I would let go. Quickly the tire would spin around the hanging point fast enough to bring a brief look of terror across their face, followed by laughter and a chorus from the cartoon Little Einsteins

After dropping off Willow at class, Stella, Sparrow, and I made our way to the park. When we left, Sparrow asked if we could watch Little Einsteins when we got home. This did not strike me as odd, until I navigated to the bottom of the "recently watched" section in the girls Netflix account. Little Einsteins  was not on the list! That's when it came to me that even though we did not ride the tire swing that day, being in the playground and seeing the tire swing must have triggered Sparrow's memory of singing the song with her sisters. 

Think about other ways that memories exist outside one’s minds. Those smells that trigger vivid memories of special moments and people. A particular meal that reminds one of grandma. What external triggers are significant to you? Leave a comment, share a story. 

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