Saving tomato seeds

If you are growing tomatoes this year, then they are likely starting to ripen. As you harvest those delicious fruits, you may consider saving seeds for next year's harvest. Here are some simple instructions to save and clean those seeds for storage.

Last year, I ordered tomato seeds from D. Landreth Seed Company (link on the resource page). Here are two of the varieties we grew:

San Marzano - a roma tomato, great for sauces, canning, paste, or sun dried.

Pineapple - Beautiful, heirloom tomato. Vines grow up to 2 feet, and produce single fruit, up to 2 pounds! I found them to be delicious, and little sweet.


To clean the tomato seeds of their slimy coating, they can be fermented. It is a failry simple process:

1. remove seeds from the tomato

3. Cover the jar, and poke holes to allow for air circulation.

4. Daily, remove any mold film, and swirl the mixture.

5. Once the tomato seeds sink to the bottom, they are ready. Empty the contents and spread the seeds on a paper towel to dry.

2. Put seeds and slimey goo in a jar with equal parts water.

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