You are what you compost

We are what we eat, so the saying goes. Extend that idea further down the food the chain, and the same could be applied to the plants and animals we eat. Plants have the additional benefit of capturing energy directly from the sun! Plants also gain nutrients from the soil. The healthiest soil is rich in the molecular process of decomposition. Repurposing molecules to build new life, in forms from microbiology to plants. Which, in turn, support the life of animals including us human beings.

Pirate Produce onsite compost bin

Pirate Produce onsite compost bin

There are many types of compost bins. I am very fond of the three layered box. It is easy to turn by hand. About once every 4 to 6 weeks, the compost is turned with that pitchfork, virtually flipping the contents upside down. I add  vegetable scraps and dried leaves in between each layer. This box style is not easy to find in the market. The barrel compost bins are available in abundance. Turning the contents has it's disgusting moments, however I like the up-close experience into the biology involved in the process. A handful of works also become a nice treat for the fish. And the chickens enjoy cleaning up after I flip the pile. 

We place virtually all of our vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, leaves from our yard, and all of our shredded documents. This decreases the amount of waste going to the city garbage collection. The material provided by the decomposition process makes a wonderful soil amendment for our garden. The nutrients from the compost provides the building blocks for the produce we consume. So, we are benefiting from the plants ability to gather these nutrients, while eliminating the need for commercial fertilizers.

This bin sits in the corner of our yard, behind the chicken coop in the experimental Aquaponics greenhouse. When I flip the compost, the chickens could come in and clean up the bugs scurrying. Nice treat for the birds. 

If you want more info on getting started with composting, contact Sundown: 408- I'M-A-LEAF

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