Backyard Chickens

One of our first steps to becoming true urban homesteaders was acquiring backyard chickens.  We love them.  The kids love them.  They have enriched our little farm and our family.

It is learning process- caring for for our feathery flock.  Over the course of time we have learned a number of things that have been helpful.  


For instance:

•  Chickens love lavender.  I put it in their nesting boxes.  It has a calming effect. 

•Rosemary has anti-parasitic properties and is also good in the nesting box.

•Lemon balm reduces mites.

•Chickens love pumpkin and it has a natural worming effect.

Lately I noticed that my ladies all like to use the same nesting box.  I noticed before, but it finally occured to me that their might be a reason.  I used my best googlefoo and discovered that chickens like darker boxes better.  Our ladies preferred the box right behind the door.  That's the one that gets less light from the doorway.  Some people put burlap flap in the front of the boxes for added privacy.  Some people use covered litter boxes instead of built-in boxes.