What do pirates and produce have in common?

The food system is largely controlled and supplied by large, multi-national corporations. The premise is that the world population is growing so large, that it will take large-scale agriculture to feed the masses. Observing the choices the large agricultural companies make, reveal a different goal. Maximize profits. The results are starving people around the world, diabetes and obesity epidemics, soil and water pollution, and food with synthetic DNA modification.

Enough is enough! 
Pirates care to much for ourselves, our families, our friends, and our neighbors to watch this continue.

Pirate Produce aimes to shift control of the food we eat from large agribusiness to local communities. We seek to utilize unused space in local nurseries, backyards, vacant warehouses, and empty plots of land to build aquaponics systems to raise healthy, delicious, sustainable produce and fresh fish.

We are not alone.
PBS highlights some of these efforts in the series, "Food Forward":

Watch Pilot Episode: Urban Farming on PBS. See more from Food Forward.



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